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Wingshooting School

Welcome to the August 2016 FIELDSPORT WINGSHOOTING School program.

     If your goal as an upland bird hunter, waterfowler or clay target shooter is to become a more consistent shot and to have a better awareness of how to maintain a proficient, life-long shooting technique, then the FIELDSPORT WINGSHOOTING School programs present the ideal learning venue for you! Your knowledgeable and seasoned team of instructors, Bryan Bilinski and Dale Tate will teach and guide you through the finely tuned FIELDSPORT Method, a complete wingshooting technique that is based on a proper combination of solid fundamentals and reinforced by more than 75 years of collective teaching experience.

     All aspects of proficient shooting are taught. After the basic drill and understanding of the FIELDSPORT Method has been instilled, an instructor will be at your side, coaching you and advising you on every shot. You will shoot hundreds of clay targets from virtually every angle and presentation during your program. A gun fit analysis, and eye dominancy test are critical evaluations included in your program.

     The tuition for your school includes both one-on-one and small group instruction, all your clay targets, shotgun shells, gourmet lunches and a copy of the instructional DVD, The Art of Shooting Flying for you to review before your school. Most importantly, we promise that we will make every effort to provide you with a learning and recreational experience that you will never forget.

     Thanks to the input and request from many of our past students, we are pleased to announce that we will be offering a number of new wingshooting teaching concepts and programs for 2016. In addition to our tried and true Traditional WINGSHOOTING Schools, which are the perfect venue for both the beginner and intermediate level student, the following new programs are being offered.

     The first new School is going to be entitled the “Upland Bird Hunter’s School”. This program will entail more walking and movement while shooting clays, plus some special sessions on our new “Grouse Walk” trail.

     The other School will be entitled the “Super Sport School”, which will focus on a wider variety of clay target presentations and methods. Also included will be multiple rounds of instructor taught sporting clays on the Cedar Gun Club property.

          August 8 & 9 (Mon. & Tues.)
               Aug. 10 (Wed.) Custom gun fittings for School participants (Optional)

          August 11 & 12 (Thurs. & Fri.) SOLD OUT
               Aug. 13 (Sat.) Custom gun fittings for School participants (Optional)

          August 15 & 16 (Mon. & Tues.)
               Upland Bird Hunter’s School I
               Aug. 17 (Wed.) Custom gun fittings for School participants (Optional)

          August 18 & 19 (Thurs. & Fri.) SOLD OUT
               Upland Bird Hunter’s School II

               This program will be featured as a fundraiser and membership drive for
                “The Ruffed Grouse Society”
               Aug. 20 (Sat.) Custom gun fittings for School participants (Optional)

          August 22 & 23 (Mon. & Tues.)
               Super Sport School
               Aug. 24 (Wed.) Custom gun fittings for School participants (Optional)

All of our WINGSHOOTING School programs are limited to 6 students
Our student to instructor ratio is always maintained at 3 to 1

• Custom gun fitting rate: Dependent upon the type of gun fitting program required. (Appointments for gun fittings are limited to three students per day.)

• The tuition for any two-day School program is $1,695 per student, with a 50% deposit (transferable, non-refundable) required to confirm your enrollment.

• Additional school and lodging information will be sent to you with your confirmation receipt.

Thank you, we look forward to assisting you with your school program!

For additional information or to book your School, please contact us at or contact Holly @ FIELDSPORT 231-933-0767


     “I wanted to thank you and Dale for putting on a great Wingshooting school. I learned a great system that with time and practice will replace 45 years of bad habits.”

Wayne C., Dripping Springs, TX

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Wingshooting Schools

          Greetings from instructors,

          Dale Tate & Bryan Bilinski

2016 WINGSHOOTING School dates and new program are now posted!

Gun Of The Month

The side x side tournament shooting season is upon us. In consideration of selecting the perfect shotgun for long, challenging sporting targets, FIELDSPORT is pleased to announce a specially commissioned shotgun by AyA made exclusively for us.

This 12 gauge AyA Model 4/53 is a durable box lock that features 32” barrels with a solid hand filed top rib. This combination is rare to find without searching through costly English pigeon guns.

Additional features include:

3” chambers for consideration of waterfowling and felt recoil reduction

Double triggers for instant barrel selection

Automatic Ejectors for speedy reloading during flurries

A round knob, Prince of Wales semi-pistol grip that gives your following hand better gun control and recoil absorption

A well proportioned beavertail forearm to keep your hands from getting burned by the heat of the barrels and to also allow your leading hand to be positioned lower from the barrel so as not to interfere with target acquisition

An AyA best quality oil finish, enhancing the beauty and durability of the stock.

Considerate of all the add on features, this custom AyA would normally retail for over $ 9250.

FIELDSPORT is pleased to offer this AyA Vintager for a special,

Gun Of The Month price of $7995.

Purchase also includes a complimentary impact test, gun fit analysis.

Click here to see more pictures of the gun.