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Fieldsport Gun Room

     Welcome to the new, FIELDSPORT Gun Room. Ever since founding FIELDSPORT over 20 years ago, I always dreamed that FIELDSPORT would someday have an English gun maker, gun show room ambiance and presentation. When we moved to our location, that dream came true. We now have all of our Gun Room inventory tastefully displayed in our own, specially designed, FIELDSPORT “long room”.

     Every gun is specifically identified to be displayed and themed with similar guns. For example, side by side shotguns are grouped by country of origin, gun maker, gauge and barrel length, etc. When you walk into our new, long Gun Room, we can guide you directly to either the gun on your bucket list or one that is of special interest to you. Of course, if you simply want to browse through one of the finest selections of high grade shotguns, rifles and handguns in the country, please enjoy the experience. There are no high pressured sales pitches from our staff, as we do not work on commission. Our pleasure is to help you acquire the gun you really want, not the one we want to sell you.

     We would also like to make a comment about the current gun industry and FIELDSPORT’s pricing structure. We realize that we are in a very highly competitive gun market. We always do our best to fairly and competitively price every gun that passes through our Gun Room. However, we recognize that some dealers, regardless of their manufacturer’s dealership agreements, deliberately discount their inventory. Although we are not a discounter, we are a competitor. Our pricing policy is simply this, we will do everything within our power and business framework to meet or beat any advertised price posted by a similar gun dealer, on any identical firearm. If you find a gun being advertised at a discounted price, but would prefer to purchase it from FIELDSPORT, simply let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you.

     Lastly, a service we are very proud of is that we offer a complementary, in-store gun fit analysis, with every gun we sell. Under the guidance and trained eye of one of most experienced gun fitters in America, Bryan Bilinski, you will be advised on how the gun you choose fits you and if any relative stock dimensional changes appear to need to be made. An appointment for this service is requested, but not always necessary.

     We invite you to enjoy a tour through the new, FIELDSPORT Gun Room. If you are interested in a specific gun or find the perfect gun for you, please either call us @ 231-933-0767 or email @ or

     Thank you…we look forward to serving you soon. Enjoy your shopping tour in the new,


SHIPPING/HANDLING/INSURANCE is not included in the sale of our guns

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Wingshooting Schools

          Greetings from instructors,

          Dale Tate & Bryan Bilinski

2016 WINGSHOOTING School dates and new program are now posted!

Gun Of The Month

The side x side tournament shooting season is upon us. In consideration of selecting the perfect shotgun for long, challenging sporting targets, FIELDSPORT is pleased to announce a specially commissioned shotgun by AyA made exclusively for us.

This 12 gauge AyA Model 4/53 is a durable box lock that features 32” barrels with a solid hand filed top rib. This combination is rare to find without searching through costly English pigeon guns.

Additional features include:

3” chambers for consideration of waterfowling and felt recoil reduction

Double triggers for instant barrel selection

Automatic Ejectors for speedy reloading during flurries

A round knob, Prince of Wales semi-pistol grip that gives your following hand better gun control and recoil absorption

A well proportioned beavertail forearm to keep your hands from getting burned by the heat of the barrels and to also allow your leading hand to be positioned lower from the barrel so as not to interfere with target acquisition

An AyA best quality oil finish, enhancing the beauty and durability of the stock.

Considerate of all the add on features, this custom AyA would normally retail for over $ 9250.

FIELDSPORT is pleased to offer this AyA Vintager for a special,

Gun Of The Month price of $7995.

Purchase also includes a complimentary impact test, gun fit analysis.

Click here to see more pictures of the gun.